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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 12, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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when we stage here in nevada the first caucus since the disaster of iowa. nevada democrats have been sending out very complex guidelines for how this caucus is supposed to run. we will see if it happens. >> thank you, my friend. ♪ >> greg: hi, i'm greg gutfeld with katie pavlik, juan williams, jesse watters, dana perino, "the five." bernie's first, mayor pete is second, klobuchar is third. poor liz came in fourth but it was a photo finish. >> all evidence says that elizabeth warren has finished out of the money. she has finished fourth. she is still at work. elizabeth warren, who lives just to the south of the state of new hampshire is taking a picture with all who ask. spigot this isn't lonely to me,
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this is awesome. i love it. >> she is a really, really, really good candidate. >> greg: great, she is on her way to becoming a walmart santa and msnbc is so supportive. they sound like your buddy after you get dumped saying, don't worry, this other fish in the sea. but you might just take a picture, she will take your last $3. >> a young of student loan debt, and she said, i checked and i have $6 and the bank, so i just gave $3 to keep you in this fight. that's what we've got to do. >> greg: that's what we've got to do, take after your money. typical democrat, without a thought. joe came in fifth. like the time i stand at table with a cheap varnish, it was a disappointing finish. yeah, that joke is every bit as bad as joe's campaign, so what
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did we learn? authenticity rules, even when you're wrong about everything. polls show americans will never vote for a socialist bernie might've done more to elect trump then trump. look at these numbers. calling that a win is like calling the coronavirus the sniffles. wright, chris? spigot they just want to be secure in their own economy, ine their kids once in a while. if that is the case, trump is going to be tough to beat, so i don't know. in either case i think it is tough to beat trump. i am a bit frustrated, and not the answer to all questions. i'm just not tonight. i'm a little frustrated. >> greg: somebody get him a therapy chicken. as for joe, he said you can't win an election as a democrat unless you have overwhelming support from black and brown voters appeared what does this mean? it's a knock against mayor pete, the media says has a black voter problem.
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i suppose if they were white conservative voters in the media would just say they are homophobes. meanwhile, trump make it the most black votes for a republican in a long time because he has done good for blacks, creating economy that favors all citizens. the dems say the blacks are a victim of the past and we are going to get you damages and then they don't. republicans say you were going to do great right now and i'm going to help you. and he does. which one sounds best to you, to be victor or victim? the dems know the answer. no wonder chris is miserable. so welcome back dana and juan. very lonely without you two. >> jesse: i thought it was roomy. spread out. >> greg: juan, i saw you in a i believe is the real winner. there you are in the morning with amy klobuchar. is there something we should know, love is in the air appeared at the valentine's day. i would like to jump on the bandwagon. she is rolling. >> greg: what do you think the
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results? >> juan: for someone like senator klobuchar, i think you really have to look at the next two states. does she have the infrastructure, the organization on the ground? and i don't think she does. the reason i saw her at the airport this morning when she was on her way to new york from boston, to raise money, so she's got to get some money in the pocket in order to do that. to me, a lot of the stuff in the monologue i was thinking about, yes, there is a lot of infighting among the democrats right now but i think that dynamic shifts once you get a democratic nominee. we have some polling that shows most people now think trump will win. again i think, yeah, people said that about hillary clinton back in 2016. everyone said, yeah, hillary is going to win this, don't worry about appeared to me, you can extrapolate from an intraparty fight, joe biden looks like he's going off the rails, we do.
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we don't know what is to come. i will say he doesn't look good. my dad was a trained boxer and he would say, son, you better get your ass in gear. so i think that is what's going on with joe biden. but he does, unlike klobuchar, have infrastructure on the ground come inside carolina and even leading establishment democrat officials in nevada. of thinking harry reid, the former senate majority leader. >> greg: is there hope for jo joe? >> jesse: no, i don't think so. he's hanging on by his fingertips. i don't think he has what it takes to pull it back together. i hate watch msnbc sometimes -- >> juan: wait, you did not. why? >> jesse: but after a few minutes i really started liking it because they can't stand any of their own candidates. >> dana: did you see the part where they watched the live stream of joe biden from south carolina and they absolutely trashed it? i saw that part too. they were like, it is so bad.
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>> jesse: that was the best part of the night. they were making fun of the front runner and they just couldn't hold back. mayor pete had a good night. but you have to ask yourself, is america ready for the first gay president? i am, because i'm very open-minded. but i don't know if the rest of the country, not to mention millions of democrats. bernie sanders is a radical socialist to honeymoons in moscow. he can't leave the country, he can't even unite his own party. he is toast. biden is running on fumes. warren's pretty much toast, and then you have klobuchar, who gave a great speech last night but she doesn't have the cash to go the distance. and you actually think aoc and the bernie bros are going to let many michael bloomberg swoop in with all that cash and wrench the nomination? no, the democrats are completely panicking right now. nancy's ratings are down, cnn's ratings are down. at this point it looks like the media, the democrats, are creating trump supporters. look at that turn out last night
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in new hampshire, broke records. speaking of which, another stockmarket record today, gallup shows americans are rich, happy, and content with their pocketbook situations. now the democrats have to ask themselves, who are we going to lose with? because we're not going to win. is it bernie or bust? that is why they're playing nice, because they know they're going to have to broker it in milwaukee because no one wants to say anything mean because they might wind up on the ticket. >> greg: that is in pretty perceptive stuff. >> dana: i missed every buddy very much. glad to be back. >> greg: we did too. i just felt more analytic. >> dana: i think that fox news did an incredible job over the past two weeks. all the coverage, and i think the coverage of this democratic primary is very fair and interesting because we are willing to say something in one of those is that you have to realize that in new hampshire, a lot of the people that said
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their first choice was biden, their second choice was not amy klobuchar or mayor pete. it was bernie sanders. so that makes me think that juan might have a point. if it is burning, there's a lot of people willing to get on that bandwagon, but if michael bloomberg tries to come in, and i do not see the bernie people ever coalescing behind a michael bloomberg candidacy. >> greg: i've never actually seen anyone get on a bandwagon. i've never seen a bandwagon. >> katie: we should bandwagon around nevada. >> greg: that would be fun. >> katie: that will be fun. yes, fox supporters have been amazing being at the different rallies and the different candidates. they were great, they were so great. peter doocy, everybody is doing an amazing job. it's interesting to see amy klobuchar's rise, and the question is, will this give anyone momentum into south carolina customer south carolina voters aren't necessarily going to change ther
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new hampshire but donors and people who deal with infrastructure are paying attention. that is what you make literature is a new york raising money, i'm sure mayor pete is still getting a lot of phone calls, asking how they can maybe get some biden donors, or making those phone calls, figuring out how they can help them, where do you need the most money, do you need this, this, how are we going toy the delicate field here? but bernie sanders is on a roll and for the long term, people need to start thinking about where we are in this moment because as aoc said at a bernie rally last week, decades of activism in the college campuses, going back are paying off to this moment and it's absolutely true and it's not going away because the majority of bernie sanders fans are young people and i doubt they're going to change their ideology so as a country it is important to point out where we are, and two different sets of how we run things and go about little differences here. there is a completely different
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system. bernie sanders wasn't honeymooning in the ussr when it was socialist, he was there when it is a communist country. it is still communist today, so i think calling him a socialist is actually giving him an easy way out. >> greg: all right! when we come back, more on joe biden and his campaign being on life support. that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ don't just plan to retire. plan to live. an annuity helps cover your essential monthly expenses, so you're free to live the life you want. find out how an annuity can give you lifetime income at
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: there are reports of panic from inside the biden campaign for new hampshire candidates finished in fifth place. an anonymous campaign advisor telling politico "this is horrendous. we are all scared.
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he think we are going to make it to south carolina. i know we are supposed to say we are going to and we are going to win, but i just don't know." besides the setbacks, joe biden still claiming he is in the race. >> you just heard from the first 2 of 50 states. two of them. not all the nation, not half the nation, not a court of the nation, not 10%. two. two. where i come from, that is the opening bell. not the closing bell. you hear all these pundits and experts on cable tv talkers talking about the race, tell them it a over, man. we're just getting started. [applause] our votes count too! >> dana: even if i bought it, somebody on his staff is telling politico that he doesn't believe it. >> greg: that was awful. i mean, i must've been a low level guy. joe was the guy who's ready for the gold watch, not for the position of ceo.
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but still, you don't say that kind of stuff. >> dana: they've been doing that for a while a while. >> greg: that is just so gross. >> dana: pointing fingers at each other. >> greg: insightful, perceptive thought for my producer from "the five," she used to no people, she said the problem for biden's for eight years she was vp, so it's not like people were running to him for advice or question, he was just there like a mentor, so now he's down on the campaign trail and this is the first time people are asking him question and he's not used to people in his space and pressing him and he's like, this isn't supposed to be that hard. no, no, get me back to being vp. i think he is not in training. for eight years it was all soft again. >> dana: what do you think about that? some truth to that? and also just timing. timing is so important in politics. 2016 could've been his year. he decided not to do it for lots of good reasons. >> juan: i don't think he
2:17 pm
decided not to do it. i think people told him. do you think that's fair customer asked >> dana: yeah, i do. i'm just saying. >> juan: okay, the one thing i would say to greg is every candidate i have ever covered, they are always optimistic. you wouldn't run if he didn't think you could win. >> greg: true. >> juan: 's we've got to have fire in the belly or something. you've got to believe it to get out there and sell it. you can't fake it, so for a lot of these guys and ladies, they believe they can win. sometimes you think, are you psychotic? but they do believe it. the other thing i think it's clearly south carolina is a must win for him. he's got to do well, he's got to beat bernie and it's going to be a tough one, although i think the unions are pretty angry about the fact that bernie wants to have single-payer, but i will say regards to the general
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notion, remember in our fox voter attitude survey, it was like 80% said what is your reaction to the trump administration? anger. a separate poll new hampshire said i think might be replicated nationwide, democratic voters in new hampshire said they would rather have him a 60%, said they would rather have a meteor strike the state then see donald trump reelected. >> dana: that is a great question. i'm kidding, i'm kidding. katie, what about candidates like we saw, elizabeth warren in greg's monologue saying that she took the $3 of the girl who only had $6 and the bank. if you know your campaign is not going to go the distance, would you still take that money? >> katie: she should give it back and pay her even more. that was really bad. no, i think you should come to reality. joe biden at this point deserves to lose and the big question is whether he was ever in it to win in the first place. he was courted as an establishment candidate when they knew bernie sanders was going to run against president trump. in the beginning they try to to sell him on electability .
2:19 pm
he ran off to south carolina on the day of the primary in new hampshire, he went on msnbc and undermined his own campaign. he said he said anyone can beat trump, mickey mouse can be to trump. that is not going to the voters and saying, i am your god, i'm the only one who can do it, i want it, and i think that is why amy klobuchar has been able to gain, because she is working for it. enter by it banking on that being his first win in south carolina, i think the reason why president trump is going to be able to get the black vote in south carolina when this comes to the head is because people like joe biden are taking the black vote for granted, rather thinking he can work for it. >> jesse: i think he is a hot mess and he has run for president three times, doesn't have one single delegate. he got smashed up in new hampshire, he lost moderates, he lost seniors, he lost late deciders, so what does he have? he can't get a crowd, he has no
2:20 pm
ground game, no fund-raising, he looks terrible at the debates and he got pummeled over impeachment and never really thought back that hard. so he goes down to south carolina to pivots to know our race-based campaign. it's all about black and brown people. when you poll black and brown people, they say the most important quality is a person who can beat donald trump. and he can't even win likes. so black people, he can't even win whites in new hampshire and iowa why are we voting for him question ricky doesn't have a coalition he can win with. so we don't think he's going to win south carolina pier he has to come i don't think he will. if he gets second, which i don't think he will, he holds the endorsement to the convention because he will be a player then and then it's all over and he can go make money. >> greg: the big question here is where is obama? he's treating biden like a skunk with a cold sore. think about it. you know when you go to a party with someone you ditch them at the party because you want to
2:21 pm
get out? that is what obama did. he ditched him at the party. >> jesse: people always did that to me. >> juan: oh, come on. >> dana: obama is going to sit out until the convention. until there is a nominee. >> juan: to me, you've got to keep in mind that for someone like obama, if he gets involved now he is the establishment, the head of the establishment has come in against the bernie bros. one last point about new hampshire, if you look at the overall vote, the moderates and centrists got far more votes than the left-wingers. >> greg: that was the argument we kept saying about trump. if you look at these candidates, they got more than trump. good point. >> dana: straight ahead, the battle of the billionaires heats up again. president trump and michael bloomberg trading new insults. don't miss it, coming up next. my grandfather had an amazing life,
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>> juan: with joe biden's campaign stumbling, president trump's fired up about facing another 2020 rifle. we are talking about former new york city mayor michael bloomberg. the president has repeatedly gone after the 2020 democrat, nick naming him minnie mike. trump adding this yesterday. >> look, he's a lightweight. he's a lightweight. you're going to find that out. he's also one of the worst debaters i've ever seen in his presence is zero. so he will spend his 300, 400, $500 million. maybe they will take it away. frankly, i would rather run against bloomberg than bernie sanders because sanders has real followers, whether you like them or not or agree with them or not. i happen to think it's terrible what he says, but he gets following peer bloomberg is just buying his way in. >> juan: i was wondering, lets us in a bloomberg. here's bloomberg responding to the president. >> i am a new yorker but i'm not afraid of trump, and trump is
2:27 pm
afraid of me. [applause] >> juan: all right, that is what i wanted to ask. >> jesse: trump is afraid of him like he was afraid of joe biden and look at joe biden, he's about to drop out. the guy doesn't have a base. is a recipe for disaster. do you think liberals in swing states are going to vote for billionaire mayor from new york city customer keeping blacks are going to vote for mr. stop and frisk. if you think college students bern are going to vote for the sky? of course not. he's going to come in and steal it from bernie at the convention, buy his way in, and by the way, million of bernie bros are going to vote for me? it as an impossibility. the problem with the bernie movement is this: you can't put the genie back in the bible they've created this from years and years of training from colleges and university. >> greg: not breeding. >> jesse: well, when two
2:28 pm
liberals get together. >> greg: may make a conservative. >> jesse: that is true, i'm not an anomaly for many rs ther. the thing is this, juan. bernie says the thing that all the other democrats believe, but he says it out loud. all of them want a socialized medicine, they want the grazing a new deal but they can't say that because they want to g liky that, you are exposing our whole scheme here because it is unelectable. >> juan: i have a different take, which i think a lot of the candidates, including president trump are afraid of the resources michael bloomberg brings to the table, and that is why it yesterday that was leaked about bloomberg's statement with regards to young black people and crime.
2:29 pm
take a listen. >> i don't think those words reflect how he led the most diverse city in the nation and i apologized for the practice and the pain that it caused. >> reporter: why did you say it? >> it was five years ago. >> juan: i think people are trying to get him now because they are afraid, he has too much money. >> katie: i don't think they are afraid. i would say the black voters in virginia gave kkk governor ralph northam, so i'm not really sure what michael bloomberg is going to say is going to have a long-term effect on his campaign. in terms of the resource issue, president trump beat hillary clinton with far fewer resources in terms of cash and money. i think democrats are concerned about the resources he is putting in. $9 million ad campaign. because trump has this massive infrastructure and he has already come for a year, paying in places like new mexico and he has mike pence going to places like michigan and wisconsin and getting people on the ground to
2:30 pm
really be engaged, so i don't think they're afraid of him in terms of resources. >> juan: seven days until the next debate and you know who will be fresh o on the stage. >> dana: it will be michael bloomberg. i don't know if people are afraid. i think people are just curious, and it's an unknown. we've never seen anything like it before. people that are joining this campaign are making more money than they would on any other possible campaign, so even if they don't love him, you can't buy love but can you buy a staffer for eight months and say, you're going to work for mike bloomberg and they are all in? >> jesse: how much are they playing again? >> dana: a lot. i will tell you do in the commercial break and you're probably going to fall out of your chair appeared unbelievable, this kind of money. it will be interesting to see him on the debate stage but i think it is pretty interesting to see tape that was released with his comments that were obviously distasteful. he was able to pick up several african-american endorsement so i don't know if it will have the
2:31 pm
intended effect. >> juan: would he think about many make customer because the president doing well? >> greg: i don't know but to dana's point, you can't buy love but you can buy a staffer. for a lot of politicians, same thing. here's an interesting comparison, bloomberg and trump, both very, very wealthy people who want to win back the presidency. blumy is spending his fortune to do this. trump spent nothing. instead he got the media to give him all that free coverage from "morning joe" to cnn. so who is the smart businessmann in this cosmic trump walked in and stole the election. i mean metaphorically. he didn't have to pay for anything. i do think trump would roll over him and everything, which is why the democrats come in terms of the personality, the street fighting agility. the democrats have to remove that variable by having someone who is not a street fighter, who is nice. klobuchar. klobuchar versus trump, trump
2:32 pm
can't do the same thing. >> jesse: you can fight trump with nice? >> greg: yes, it works all the time here trust me, i'm a veteran. >> jesse: they've tried every thing else, maybe they will try nice. >> juan: okay, so a nickname for amy klobuchar? >> katie: is she really nice? >> greg: lamey amy. >> juan: that was quick, man. top democrats going for new investigation into president trump over his tweed over roger stone's sentencing, and the president, he is now firing back. that is coming up next on "the five." at fisher investments, we do things differently and other money managers don't understand why. because our way works great for us! but not for your clients. that's why we're a fiduciary, obligated to put clients first. so, what do you provide? cookie cutter portfolios? nope. we tailor portfolios to our client's needs. but you do sell investments that earn you high commissions, right? we don't have those. so, what's in it for you? our fees are structured so we do better
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2:37 pm
four of the prosecutors on the case quit in protest and democrats say trump interfered by tweeting about it. the justice department says the decision was made before trump took to twitter and the mainstream media of course is losing it. speak of this is what a banana republic does. this is what a dictator does. if your friend of trump, go out and rob a bank because he's got you covered. >> it's preposterous to think the president's own public statements had no impact. >> i've never seen this happen in my entire career. >> will donald trump not do whatever he could do if he could get away with it was mark if he could arrest every journalist he didn't like, do you think he would arrest us all to mark was mark if you think he wouldn't, you're lying to yourself. >> jesse: president trump is fired up. speak of fact that roger stone was treated horribly in their lives were destroyed. i would like to thank the justice department. they saw the horribleness of a
2:38 pm
nine year sentence for doing nothing. you have murderers and drug addicts don't get nine years. meanwhile, jim comey makes book deals, the people that launched the scam investigation and what they did was a disgrace. >> jesse: do you want is see roger stone for nine years? nine years as a death sentence for someone like that. he is like 70 years old. >> greg: a year would be for me. >> jesse: you for a week. >> greg: i might enjoy, you never know. you don't have to go anywhere. >> dana: there is no red wine there. >> juan: wait a second. all right, anyway, four career prosecutors, i don't think there's any question something bad is going on here with regard to a pillar of our great american constitution, which is that we are a nation of laws and suddenly you have the president -- you know what struck me today? i remember when this president got upset because bill clinton met with loretta lynch and he
2:39 pm
said, oh, my god, he was influencing the attorney general to do his bidding with regard to hillary and the emails. now here comes president trump, and he is clearly expressing his views in a way that will influence the attorney general bill barr to come out and say, oh, yeah, you know these prosecutors of mine, they have overdone it. but that is corruption. this is unbelievable. to be on the president can't express his views on twitter? i guess that is another impeachable offense. >> katie: i made some phone calls today to try to clarify what is going on at the justice department and how this whole thing went down here the timeline here is very important. the doj was in contact with the attorney for a week about this understanding that the prosecutors would go to the judge and say we are going to recommend less than seven to nine years. seven to nine is too harsh but we are not going to say in number. they go in, they were of the u.s. attorney in d.c., first week on the job and they say
2:40 pm
seven to nine years. bill barr finds out about it, it's a total disaster and they say now we have to change it because it's not fair and it doesn't actually match what went down with the trial. so that decision was made, there was an understanding a week before this happened. then trump decides to go on twitter and discuss it, which created all this backlash about does he have influence. but they've been talking about this and working with the department of justice for more than a week with the understanding that this filing and sentencing would be less, or at least not seven to nine years for roger stone. in the u.s. attorney's office essentially blew it and now you have these mueller prosecutors saying, we are out. but the reasons why in the timeline is getting a little bit mixed up with people who are talking about it. >> jesse: what do you think? >> greg: i am no longer going to give the media or the democrats any advice. i'm no longer going to tell them the smart thing to do because i did that with obstruction and
2:41 pm
collusion and brett kavanaugh and impeachment, they ignore it. some going to say to the media, "morning joe" and to cnn, chase this story! go for, have added! this is going to win american minds. if you get some guy to die in jail. it's ironic that trump is getting people out of prison and all the dems want to do is keep throwing people back in. these are all the filters they have, you watch "the view." , they are in a constant state of pain and "morning joe" wakes up every morning in a hissy fit because their filter is defective in the keep seeing these things as the end of the world. you missed the big story is pure jeffrey epstein, they missed just a small act. this is it, something this is going to win the pulitzer, chase this story, you got to get roger stone in jail for life. that is great, go for it. >> jesse: rapists spent four
2:42 pm
years in prison and this guy goes nine years because john podesta sent a phishing email to rush a customer can the guy who was supposedly intimidated says, i wasn't intimidated. >> i think what will end up happening, the assistant u.s. attorney's resign, they will also be investigated, they were withholding information from the u.s. attorney, so now they're going to have another six weeks or so because bill barr has agreed to testify in front of congress on march 31st. we've seen how that has gone, he runs rings around them but marcy pay attention. it is interesting, sentencing guidelines for federal crimes are due for some revision. the president is willing to look at that and the democrats actually applauded that line in the state of the union but when it comes to roger stone they want the full sentence. wait until they freak out when president trump pardons him here that will be th the big win. >> juan: but what do you think?
2:43 pm
this is a guy who is witness tampering, obstructing justice, lying. >> katie: the guy in the trial said that it was actually a joke and we talk about stuff like that all the time. >> jesse: hoax investigation to justify a hoax. it's fun living in a banana republic, isn't it? it's fun. smollet facing major legal trouble. we will tell you about the next. you know, new customers save over $1,000 on average when they bundle home and auto with progressive. wow, that's... and now the progressive commercial halftime show, featuring smash mouth. ♪ hey now, you're an all star ♪ get your game on, go play thank you! goodnight! [ cheers and applause ] even renters can bundle and save! where did that come from? the kitchen. it was halftime.
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♪ >> katie: the law could be catching up to jussie smollett. the actor was indicted on six counts by special prosecutor in chicago. he is charged with lying to police about a hate crime cokes that falsely implicate his beloved supporters as his attackers. the original charges were mysteriously dropped by prosecutors with little explanation despite the amount of evidence against him. jussie smollett has insisted he is innocent. >> i've been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one pair this has been an incredibly difficult time, one of the worst of my life. >> katie: do you think if he had admitted he did this in the beginning and apologized that this would go away and he would still have a career and reputation?
2:48 pm
could he have avoided all of this cosmic >> juan: what he did, if it's true, and the police say -- >> katie: do you believe him? >> juan: no, but i think the police say they don't believe him here but now the city of chicago subsequently sued him and this is what really surprises me, is that he doubled down. he sued them, countersued them for malicious prosecution. i don't know where this is going. to me, i think it's a disorderly conduct, which at first sounds, not a big deal, but these are felony charges. >> katie: the media played a big role in the situation as well, and over the weekend a man in florida actually tried to run over trump support is because he doesn't like the president be that is not getting the same kind of attention that this situation god. shouldn't they be equal plaque? >> greg: i think this is incredibly unfair to jussie because they are indicting him for fulfilling a media narrative that was put into place and trump got elected.
2:49 pm
he saw with the media want to, a fabricated idea of these roving white nationalists, so if you're going to indict him you have to indict the media too appear the hoax is a symptom of a bigger problem. the media is constantly pushing the delusion that there is no progress being made in race relations, and there is. he could still say there is a way to go, but you can't say were going backwards. and i think is part of that. i hope he serves time. >> dana: seven to nine years. >> greg: more than roger ston roger stone. then trump can pardon him. that would be great. >> dana: that would be beautiful. >> greg: trump can pardon him in the world comes together and they can do american crime story and jussie can play himself. >> dana: he should have just apologized at the beginning and said, it would've been embarrassing, 72 hours of total embarrassment but then he might not of been in the situation. but also on the race thing, it was the african-american police officers in chicago who were m mad, so i don't know if it
2:50 pm
breaks down exactly on race. i'm glad the police stuck to their guns, fought back. i just don't understand why it took this long. >> katie: comments on jussie? >> jesse: i'm not bloodthirsty like the left. i don't want to see this guy rot in jail for seven to nine. i want to see a plea, he will probably do may be a fine, community service. perhaps a suspended sentence but what i really want to see is a public apology in court, on camera, and that will make me feel better. but it is interesting, the wheels of justice are starting to turn the other way when it comes to these hoaxes from jussie to the covington boys, to know what you're seeing on the left with the durum investigation and people starting to pay a penalty for malicious prosecution. and once we can get hillary locked up, then finally we can sleep at night. >> katie: final thought? >> juan: i thought you were being serious for a second there. >> katie: a final thought on
2:51 pm
how this hoax got perpetuated in the media customer current basic questions like, why was he out in the middle of one of the coldest nights in a snowstorm in chicago, are there a lot of maga people in chicago? >> juan: i think white nationalism is a real problem in this country, but i don't know, i will say, kim fox, who is running for reelection is mad at the attorney who brought this and says, maybe he is trying to set her up but she then conceded to the voters, i didn't handle that very well and i thought that was a big step. >> katie: marta, that. >> dana: "one more thing" up next. i don't add up the years. and i don't count the wrinkles. but what i do count on is boost high protein. and now, introducing new boost women... with key nutrients to help support thyroid, bone, hair and skin health. all with great taste. new, boost women. designed just for you.
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i appreciate what makes each person unique. that's why i like liberty mutual. they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. almost done. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> greg: one more thing.
2:56 pm
let's get this thing going. are great ♪ ♪ animals are great rolls the stone up the hill, wakes up the next day, it's back? metaphor for life, isn't it, dana? >> dana: have to do it every day. grade: every day gets up and he just slides back down. it's the myth of sisyphus for the road and culture. one of their philosophical reminders how life can be as a squirrel. >> dana: and then they try again. >> greg: yes. ♪ animals are great >> juan: thanks, greg. >> jesse: big shout out to my cousin new campaign for their fierce line of cologne, particularly keys the face of
2:57 pm
fierce blue, which smells like beach marine musk and wild amber, inspired by crisp summer days. >> dana: good for him. >> jesse: speaking of musk, i'll be with martha tonight. >> katie: poor martha. >> greg: help us. dana? >> dana: went off, went home, i'm all set, but i had to find something to help me help today. meet oakley, golden retriever who's got a ton of good moves. watch. >> jesse: yes... >> dana: i watched it a thousand times. his parents have an instagram account. everybody loves this. >> greg: what's he doing? >> dana: he's making his bed. >> greg: we know that. i think we need investigation.
2:58 pm
juan, you are up. >> juan: i think this is going to appeal to you. what do you do when you can't get out the front door? you curse a lot and you curse at the amazon. >> seriously, amazon. like, what the [bleep]? i'm just not happy. >> juan: she wasn't. the problem, amazon left a package locking the screen door and the package was wedged in between the screen door and the brick wall on the side of the steps. after an hour, grabbed a spatula and push the package away from the door. an hour, folks expect maybe you can order a backer from amazon. >> greg: it would be faster if you put the phone down. trying to do a favor hiding the package. >> dana: so it wouldn't be cold. >> greg: you are right, i did like it. >> katie: valentine's day is
2:59 pm
coming up on friday. a marine veteran already having a great valentine's day. william white who earned a purple heart in world war ii now surrounded by over 70,000 valentine's day letters because he lives in an assisted living facility and a fellow resident lodged a social media campaign asking people around the world sending an greetings, hoping for just 100 cards but he more than 70,000. he's speechless. >> jesse: i am a question. you guys get someone valentine's day? >> greg: i took my wife to see "mr. bungle" last night. had dave labarre go on drugs, mike patton? >> dana: i think an exchange of gifts are important. >> jesse: it's not a one-way street, right? >> juan: don't expect something.
3:00 pm
take her out to dinner. >> greg: let's end this stupid position once and for all, big hallmark. let's move on. never miss an episode of "the five." >> bret: will you be my valentine? that's okay. bernie sanders leaves on for nevada, south carolina, after a closely contested contest in new hampshire. president trump said he did nothing wrong for former prison advisor roger stone, capitol hill reacts. plus the huge and expensive push to get latinos to participate in the 2020 census. this is "special report." ♪ good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. tonight come the top of the presidential standings after the first two vin


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